Sunday, June 1, 2014


It has suddenly decided to freeze over down here in Formosa. It really
does get cold down here, and it´s a different kinda cold. It´s the
kind that likes to sneak up on you, get you wet and seep into your
bones. One day we were dying of heat and now for the past three days
we've been shivering in our rain boots. I've been sleeping in at least
five long sleeve shirts, a sweater, two pairs of pants, the thin thing
I call a blanket, and my coat. We've been looking for good prices for
a blanket, we found a sweater and some gloves so we´re good there, and
we´re working on getting a heater. (I also ran out of lotion and the
weather change is making my exima act up . . .on my face . . .so I
bought some stuff for that) Luckily our stove works. Just our shower
busted again and we don´t have hot water so we´re pros at taking
bucket baths.

We had better luck finding people this week, but sadly none of them
came to church, and due to the weather hardly even any of the members
came. We went from about 150 people in the ward to most of us being
missionaries. We got a new  ward Mission leader, he´s the ex stake
president and we still go without a bishop.

We have Conferencia Multi Zona tomorrow so that should be fun. I love
being able to see pres so often.

As for the experiment that I had of trying to help people feel the
spitit when we meet them I hope it´s going well, I´m going to keep
working on it. I think the harder thing is to help make sure that your
comp is having spiritual experiences and can always feel the spirit. I
think that might be the key.

We met a family yesterday, they seem pretty great, the only thing is
that they like coffee and tea, and they´re not married . . . but they
want to try to go to church! That´s something!

You´ll never guess who I did divisions with this week!! HERMANA BATEMAN!
it was so cool and so much fun to be able to work with my first
comp ever. She´s great and it was crazy to be there working and
thinking of how we had no idea we would be doing what we are or if
we´d ever be able to. She goes home before I do so that´s weird but oh

Sounds like you've all had a fun week! Thanks for telling me all about
it! We have a lot of travelers in our family, and that´s so cute about
Mia! I was thinking about them the other day and wondering if they
even remembered me, cute! Kevin! You are freak'n awesome! So much
better than I am, no lie. Allred's going to love you! When I get back
I really got to get my game on so you don´t keep being better than me ;)

Sully´s going to France! Congrats to him. 

Tell everyone hi, Family and friends.

As far as I know this is all I've got for ya this week, I hope you
enjoy. I am actually working on another t-shirt for our ´Sistrito´
I´ll do what I can to show you how it ends up, picture or showing you
at home, either way you´ll see them.

Love you all! Stay safe, stay happy, stay healthy, and may the Spirit
be with you!

Hermana A Johansen

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