Sunday, June 29, 2014

¡Al mundo llevaremos!

We had a fantastic week and I'm sure I've never cried so much in my life. We had the farewell of the Heymans yesterday and we got to meet their son who just finished his mission in Chili. We sang the As Sisters in Zion/Sons of Helaman song in Spanish as a surprise for them and we all cried our eyes out. I´m so happy I've never been asked to participate in a special musical number cause if I was I wouldn't be able to do it. Hermana Heyman gives one of the best hugs in the world, strong and as long as you need it to be. It´s as close to a mom hug as you can get here. Saying goodbye to them has to be one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Their example and the things they have taught me have changed my life forever, and I am eternally grateful for it. They've helped me strengthen what is most important to me in my life which is my testimony that my Savior lives and that we CAN become like him through acting like him and becoming better than we were yesterday. I talked to Hermna Young about when we had to say goodbye to the Vallingas' and how that almost killed us in the airport. I´m really excited to get to know the Francos, more people to love! Remember when I said something about the leather covers that they have here for scriptures? The Heymans gave us leather protectors for our planers!! To every 230 somethin de nosotros!! I´m so glad that I´m going to have it in the mission for so little time so it can stay in good condition. I´ll send pictures soon. Sorry I´m not sending some this week, there wasn't much time today. 

We had the craziest experience this week! We found a little old couple who are actually married. The cute little grandpa had to have his legs amputated about 4 years ago due to his smoking habits, he hasn't touched it in years but his wife still has the habit and you can tell she wants to stop cause she knows the consequences. I asked Thomas (the grandpa) if he could still feel his legs sometimes. He said that he still feels like his leg itches every once in a while, and that it´s really weird. I asked him if he knew that his spirit still had his legs. Simple question, but it made them think. His wife began to silently cry and he had the deepest expression on his face. We testified that through the resurrección de Cristo he will be able to have his legs again. We testified of the message we have to share and tried to set up another time to see them, but they´re hard to catch. We´ll see what happens. The Spirit was SO THICK! and we still felt it tan fuerte after we left. We knew there was a reason why we were there. 

Hey, I´m out of time, I´m glad you all had a great week! Thank you for the pictures! Tell Jackson hi for me,  and you can show him the glasses I used. 

I love you all, thank you for the stories. Please stay safe and keep the Spirit  with you. CONGRATS JUSTIN!! You can email me too, ya know :)

Hermama A. Johansen

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