Saturday, July 5, 2014


This is the third year that I will have spent this celebration of MY country outside of my country . . The last time I was here, and I was in Scotland the time before that. Que crazy, no?

Alright an update and answer to your questions from this weeks email. I did get to see Elder Coats this last week, he is alive and well. We laughed a lot about our cute moms and how so many things have changed in such little time. Marcos gave up on us. His parents said no, we met his mom the other day and she didn't sound too interested. We tried to find our cute little couple and they weren't home when we told them we would stop by. We´re working with our investigator Jorge. He wants to be baptized and is trying so hard to be active before being baptized so he doesn't end up like some of his family members who were baptized and then became inactive. We got him a friend so that´s good. 

I've been drawing like crazy! Or at least I should be. Our Zone wants a shirt with everyone as Super Heroes. My district leader and I split the job and are each drawing 8 people. It´s a tough job when there is no time here, but it´s coming along.

Presidente y Hermana Franco go to work tomorrow, today is the last day of Presidente y Hermana Heyman . . . wrote my last letter to Presidente today, it was like the last letter to President Vallinga . . . but worse, cause I actually knew it would be the last one.

JUSTIN! I´m so excited for you to write to me! The MTC´s fun ;) I promise. KEVIN YOU´RE HUGE! The pictures are cute! Dad have a wonderful few days off with the fam. Take the boat out :) . . . I will try not to be jealous, it´ll be hard to be cause I can´t think of being warm and playing in the water right now cause it´s kinda chilly here. 

Well, I love you all!! Stay safe, and have a good one!!

Hermana A. Johansen

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