Sunday, July 27, 2014

and back on the farm . . . field . . . campo . . . or what ever you wanna call it.....

I´ve just hit the classic brick wall of not knowing what to write! Love it. 

Ok, Here we go. TRASLADOS! Hermana Lund is in Clorinda! I never made it there, but my daughter did! I forgot that we even had transfers. I always forget when things in my companionship don´t change. Hermana Riquelme´s gonna kill me off, and that´s really weird for the both of us! I´m trying so hard not to be trunky, I tell her everyday not to let me be trunky, and when I have my moments I let her know and she tells me everything we know about our investigators to help me get my mind back on track. Mom, you asked me on mother´s day if I´m still drawing . . . at the end of the day that´s all I wanna do, that and go boarding. Then I realize that I really need a job. I figured the other day that I could get a job and make a website to try to sell a bit of art at the same time when I get back . . . . That´s really hard not to think about sometimes . . . but we keep on keepin on all the same. 

Jorge didn´t make it to his date, thanks for your prayers and all. Keep them comin they´ll help our investigators more than we realize. He´s been meeting with missionaries for the last six months and we don´t know what to do with  him. He reads, prays and goes to the activities and baptisms, but he hasn´t made all that much progress to not drink, and he gets upset if we bring it up too much. We´re going to make an addiction recovery plan with him and change his date. 

We also have Daiana who is super cute, and loves the gosple. She wants it in her life and realizes the blessings it can come from it. Her only obstacle is that she´s not married and believe it or not her boyfriend doesn't think much about marriage BUT he told her that if she got a date to go sign the papers, they could do it! AHH! I sure hope that works out! and that she comes to church too, that´d be good. 

Speaking of marriage! First off Natalia and Luis are GETTING HITCHED!! AND BAPTIZED THIS WEEKEND!! :D 

We had interviews with the Francos this week. They´re amazing and we love them a lot! Hermana Franco is an artist as well, we had fun talking about that. They´re great and it´s their first mission. Look out Dad and Mom, you could very well be mission presidents for your first mission too. :)

Oh what else was there . . . um . . .thanks for the missionary news letter! that was fun. it´s crazy, we´re all slowly coming back.

Love you all! The pictures and stories are great! Nos vemos!

Hermana A Johansen

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