Thursday, July 17, 2014

Por Fin!

I finally finished the drawings for the super hero zone shirt! I forgot my thing to connect the camera to the computer this week . . . sorry :)

Those Scottish Festival pictures are super cool!! The masks are pretty trippy! and I´d swear that  espada es 3 veces mas grande que Korri! 

Hopefully next week the email works so I can read about what ya´ll did this week. Mal functions happen, it´s alright. 

MMMk . . . so what happened this week. I got to go to Resistencia on Thursday to work with my documents so that I´m legal for the next 8 months, and Hermana Riquelme was sick on Tuesday after district meeting and so we lost quite a bit of time. I got to see Hermana Seeley one more time before she left which made me super happy. I've never felt so old before in my life, everyone is dying! I´m the last Hna en my MTC district still here! And I don´t know when Hermanas Lake and Goodrich go home.

Jorge let his pride get to him again this weekend. We invited him to a baptism of the other branch and Hermana Riquelme  asked one of the recent converts to go talk to Jorge, and be his friend and a spiritual support. Didn't go as well as we´d hopped . . . that was a little too much for Jorge and it made him uncomfortable and he took it out on my cute little comp. And that didn't make anyone very happy. None the less these are moments when it´s important to act in humility and think more of what your investigator needs than what happens to us. Honestly you can talk to me however, I don´t care, but no one makes my comp cry, I don´t care who you are, that´s not ok.  
None the less, he came to church yesterday with out us going to get him! ¡That´s huge!! For his family, that´s really hard. If he can go to church after having a bit of a tiff he can do anything, that really shows his progress. Things have cooled down and we´re going to try to talk to him today. He´s supposed to be baptized this weekend and we´ll have to see him everyday. Pray hard for this guy, he needs the strength to keep it up. Satan´s going to be working on him really hard this week, We´re looking for a milagro here :) and we need your faith, prayers and all that jazz.

We found a cool little family on Saturday. They go to the Iglesia Universal . . . don´t know what that would be in English. We met their son Thomas who looks exactly like his dad José. The mom Patricia was really impressed by the fact that we felt like we needed to ´clap their house¨  (Argentine knocking). We´re really excited to see what will happen with them. And we´re hoping to be able to stick out transfers together to see.

Transfers are this weekend! I´m pretty sure I´m staying here. I´ve been to all the provinces, I can't think of anywhere else The Lord would send me, but ya never know. We´re hoping we stay together. :)

Welp, I love you all! I know this church is true, and where ever your treasure is your hearts there too.

Hermana A. Johasnen

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