Wednesday, July 30, 2014


To explain what we had to do yesterday. I had to go to Corrientes Capital (one of my favorite places in the world! I love Corrientes) to work with my immigration documents. We woke up at 2 in the morning, rode a bus for 4 hours and took a taxi to the registro Civil to be there at 8 am, we were there at 7:30. We waited and waited and waited. We got to see Hermnas Young, Stone, Quick, Levitt and so many more. It was like a mini mission reunion. And President was there. While we were waiting to do nothing more than take a picture or sign a paper he took us out for breakfast! Hermana Riquelme went with another group of sisters cause I had to stay and wait a little longer. Then he took us senior missionaries out to have hot chocolate, chipas and medio lunas, I´ll send pictures later. We went back to the registro and waited some more. All of a sudden it was time to go. Nothing happened with my documents and we came all the way and woke up so early for nothing!  Well I had been wishing for an opportunidad to go back to Corrientes one last time, and Hermana Riquelme wanted a moment to sleep. And we both got what we wanted in a bit of a complicated way. :)

We've had a tough week. We've been doing the best we think that we can (there´s always room to improve and do better, but we´re trying really hard) to be able to find, teach and baptize. We've been talking to as many people as we can coming back when we say we´ll come back . . . . and they´re not there or they can only meet with us once a week . . .

We went to a farewell of a kid in the branch named David Simonini last night and Jorge went. He said that he wants to try again, which is great, but he has to realize that we have to be strictly obedient to the mission rules, and he gets to be baptized according to what the Lord says, not just cause his baptismal date is really close. Anyway we went to David´s farewell and everything I felt at the beginning of my mission hit me all over again. All I want to do is help someone be baptized and feel the joy that I do thanks to the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ (almost forgot how to spell that in English), and it hit me again this morning. What if I don´t try hard enough, or rely on the Lord enough and I just barely miss someone that I promised that I would bring the gospel to or help get baptized? What if I miss this chance and someone doesn't receive these blessings because of something I didn't do? Then the thought came, I have a desire to serve, I have been called to the work, set apart to be a missionary, God will make sure I am where I´m supposed to be and say what he needs me to, I just need to keep letting myself go, and keep going.

I love the 24th fotos! They almost made me kinda trunky, I´m glad I´ll be  there for it next year. I love the 24th! and I really like the Derby . . . and I think when I go it´ll remind me a lot of Argentina and their stupid broken engines that ruin lessons when they pass by . . but in a good way :) sounds like you all had a great time! 

Sarah wrote to me! Finally. Did the letter I wrote to Laura get to her? I haven´t heard from her since I sent it. 

Welp. I love you all!! Stay safe, don´t get burnt, and pray for the rain.

Hermana Yojansen ;)

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