Wednesday, July 9, 2014

We had a decent  week. I got on the computer this morning to find out that no one but my family, Hermana Allred and the assistants are the only ones who love me this week, Aleen wrote me later, but hey, at least someone loves me right?? I got some dear Elders this week! That always makes one very happy, Thanks Mike and Jacob!! Yeah, I haven´t met President Franco yet, I'm sure we all will soon. It's his first p-day and there are a few things to get use to. There are changes for all of us and we will all be adjusting. 

We've found a few good people to teach, and a few we've been working with for a while we finally have a good foot in the door. We have Jorge who finally accepted a date to be baptized!! All because his friend in the church said that he wanted to baptize him!! It was the kick that he needed and now he´s all excited for it. Juan´s perfect to help him too, cause he´s gotten over his work of wisdom issues and he can help Jorge. We also have Marina, was talking to elders about six years ago, right after she met them she got hit by a motorcycle that left her badly injured, now we´re here when she is in good enough of condition to teach her. We have Karen and her mom. Karen is 18 . . . i think and her mom teaches Catholic classes. Their life is super difficult, and the whole block judges them except for the two member families that they just love to pieces. Karen is more interested than her mom but has an illness and they have no idea what it is but it leaves her with depression and she´s supper skinny, their great, and very kind and smart people, they just need to understand that when you need a change you've got to change what you´re doing or things will just stay the same. We´re trying to see what we can do to help people realize that the world has authority issues and the other churches want the authority that they don´t have, and they just don´t get it.

Hermana Riquelme´s been sick this week and we had to stay in for a few hours. We´re hoping that we can get her in for a check up so we can know exactly what it is that she has. We´ll see what President Franco has to say about it, the Area Doc´s supposed to call him and have him call us. 

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE PHOTOS!! I love them. It´s weird for me to be here in the cold again while it´s hot and the 4th of July over there. Way to keep YCC alive! I feel like it´s October here. Have fun with the Play! looks like you´re doing well. Kevin, my comp says you´re a stud and that I¨m gonna have to protect you with a stick from all the girls who´re running after ya. Heidi had a baby! That´s so crazy! You´re right, definitely like Hermana Bateman, next p-day´s her last and then she´ll be able to hold her siblings.

NO! Taylor hasn't sent me anything, I wanna see! The t-shirt´s coming along, Elder Mendoza´s going to kill me cause I don´t have them done yet, they take a while and I haven´t drawn super heroes in a long time and there´s no time here. 

I´m glad you´re all safe, and doing well. Keep those testimonies strong, I pray for them and your safety every night, family and friends. Keep safe!

Love you all!
Hermana A Johansen

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